Absen LED Utilized at Intel’s New Innovation and Development Centre


The smartest building in the world features over 370 sqm of manufacturer’s LED.

Rüsselsheim (Germany), 8th January 2020 – Intel, the world’s leading semiconductor company, unveiled its new innovation and development centre in Israel, PKT1, which officially opened in September 2019. Located in Petach Tikva, the building occupies 75,000 sqm and unites 2,000 employees who had previously been scattered across eight buildings (five campuses).

The 11-story PKT1 has been hailed as the ‘smartest building in the world’ due to the 14,000 smart sensors that make it run more efficiently. Additionally, over 370 sqm of Absen LED displays were installed by Creative Labs Israel to create this inspiring interactive workspace. Creative Labs Israel, running a digital studio, conceptual creative department, interactive development etc., is also responsible for all the content designs.

Intel, devoted to shaping the data-centric future with computing and communications technology, takes innovation as its top priority. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Absen’s display delivers wonderful visual performance at Intel’s fourth development centre in Israel alone.


PKT1’s exterior wall houses the largest outdoor LED display in Israel, measuring 309 sqm. The bespoke A1099 LED display was installed to welcome employees and international clients and partners. The screen’s video content can achieve a 3D effect through creative design, attracting passers-by and employees’ attention at first sight of the company. For convenience, the screen will also display the traffic updates during rush hour. 

Absen’s A1099, upgraded from the best-selling A1088 model, keeps the core advantages like high brightness and a wide viewing area, while adding improvements such as exceptional waterproofing and energy saving design. As it is able to save more than 50% power consumption, A1099 meets the demands for this environmentally friendly construction.

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“We managed to develop several special designs to guarantee the quality, stability and visual performance of the screen,” said Rao, senior product manager in Absen who was involved in this project. “The first challenge was the connection of the adjoining sides. We needed to leave enough space for the steel structure and maintenance while ensuring the overall visual effect of the screen. The next issue was waterproofing the bottom of the screen. Since we don’t have screen at the top, we must take extra measures to drain the water and protect it.”


Other Absen LED screens were installed in the building’s lobby and CEO meeting room to provide the ultimate work setting for Intel employees.

Two of Absen’s award-winning N Plus LED displays were placed at PKT1’s main entrance lobby. In addition to introducing Intel’s products and company culture, they also allow interactivity. The actions of passers-by will be reflected on the screen’s content with different moving objects, such as fish and cubes.

The N Plus series is an updated version of N series, the industry-first smart flat panel display range. It is arguably one of the most successful ranges in Absen’s portfolio and is currently considered as the thinnest, front installation & maintenance product available in the market. The panels of N Plus series are assembled by smart modules which support real time monitoring on different smart terminals, emailing the user in the case of any failures. The screens can also be connected with the whole technological infrastructure of the building.


Absenicon, an all-in-one presentation solution for meeting rooms, conference rooms, auditoriums and so on, was positioned in the bright CEO meeting room to achieve the ultimate meeting experience. A reliable display system that helps speakers and audiences to communicate clearly, easily and effectively can boost engagement, collaboration and productivity. Designed to create a bright, open and highly-productive meeting environment, Absenicon helps grab and maintain attendees’ attention while improving information delivery effectiveness and overall efficiency, taking users’ meeting room experience to the next level.

Currently there are 4 different standard sizes ranging from 110″ to 220″. Absenicon also features a wider viewing angle, higher levels of brightness, contrast and colour saturation than traditional projectors and LCD displays, which make it a perfect presentation solution for any meeting space.

“Since the meeting room’s wall is mainly built from glass, it is important that the screen can offer visual elegance in high ambient light to support interactive and collaborative meetings,” the head of the project said. “Absenicon is the best option because of its higher contrast ratio and higher brightness compared to projectors. The attendees have no need to bother to pull the curtains to achieve a passable visual performance.”

“We’re appreciative of the great job done by our partner Creative Labs Israel, who helped to introduce Absen screen into this project. The unique content they created is also very impressive”, said by Senior Sales Engineer Tiffany Xiang, who takes responsibility for the whole project.

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