ACTIA Introduces a New 4.3 inch Display: Small, Rugged and Ready for Integration


ELKHART, Ind., April 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — ACTIA is launching the ACTI-Vision 430 – a 4.3″ WVGA TFT LCD (480 x 272) touchscreen digital display with RTC designed for use as an HMI (Human-Machine Interface) device in marine, watercraft, bus and coach, off-highway, amongst many other applications. This versatile display can be used as a stand-alone display or as a part of multiplexed vehicle/vessel/machine architecture. Its powerful microcontroller allows for the display of various graphic elements while its many communication interfaces provide connectivity to other devices. This highly ruggedized, pressure tested, optically bonded, UV resistant and waterproof TFT is highly customizable and capable of displaying operation information and system diagnostics while providing an unprecedented level of control. The ACTI-Vision 430 is a customizable platform where many variables can be monitored and controlled to suit customer requirements.

As we continue to drive innovation, ACTIA is expanding its ruggedized intelligent human-machine interface portfolio to better serve our customers and their future needs. Today’s dumb displays are ill-equipped to handle current and future diagnostic and infotainment needs and hence the need to imagine new solutions that reflect our customers’ 21st century needs,” said Adam Ramouni – ACTIA Corporation’s CEO. 

About ACTIA Corporation and ACTIA Group
ACTIA Corporation (Elkhart, Indiana USA) is part of the ACTIA Group, an international group based in Toulouse, France that specializes in adding value to its customers by providing innovative electronics and diagnostics solutions. ACTIA US has been manufacturing quality vehicle electronics and diagnostic equipment for growing markets such as Off-Highway, Bus & Coach, Truck & Fleet, Marine and Specialty Vehicles for over 30 years. ACTIA’s solutions are known for their reliability, quality, and performance across multiple OEMs serving multiple markets. Our wide-ranging experience in instrumentation, displays, controls, diagnostics, and wire harness design provide customers with a turn-key solution for any given application.

ACTIA’s focus on Innovation, Quality, and the Environment is at the core of the company’s commitment to continuous improvement. This drives us to deliver a broad range of innovative solutions for customers world-wide.

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