Acuity Insurance Upgrades Town-Hall Theater Experience


Acuity Insurance is a classic American success story that celebrates the value of American ingenuity every day. Keeping employees motivated and informed is key to their continued success, and this was the primary motivation for creating a new theater for quarterly employee town-hall meetings and other meetings throughout the year.

Nominating Company: NanoLumens, Norcross, Georgia
Venue: Acuity Insurance, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Project: Acuity Insurance Theater-in-the-Round
Category: Public Spaces

The CEO’s vision was to create a theater-in-the-round concept with 2,000 seats that were no more than 65 feet away from the center stage. It is a very small center stage in the theater, so the speaker is very intimate with everyone in the space.

The theater-in-the-round design created the intimacy and feeling of togetherness that Acuity desired, but it created additional challenges. Part of the audience is always going to be looking at the speaker’s backside. This reality generated the idea of having a multi-panel LED display, so that no matter where a team member was sitting in the theater, they could have a clear view.

Recognizing this challenge, Acuity hired Acoustics by Design, a company responsible for developing the theater’s new audiovisual system, and Camera Corner Connecting Point, which would install the display solution and then design and engineer the solution that would bring Acuity’s vision to life.

Incorporating jumbotron-sized video walls into the new 2,000-seat theater posed a serious challenge for the two-level circular theater where the seats are installed in a shockingly vertical manner throughout a 65-foot radius from the stage. NanoLumens was chosen to create a five-sided pentagon LED display solution. Each of the five curved displays measures 10-feet-high by 6.5-feet wide and is joined together to create a single pentagon-shaped structure that hangs suspended from the ceiling over the theater’s central stage.

The solution created by NanoLumens is a breathtaking five-sided pentagon 3-millimeter NanoSiim LED display solution that grabs the attention of everyone who sits in the new theater. Each of the five curved displays was joined together to create a single pentagon-shaped structure that hangs suspended from the ceiling over the theater’s central stage.

There was a very specific weight limit that needed to be adhered to when designing the display solution. The NanoLumens team demonstrated value by creating a superior solution that came in under the maximum weight limit.

As critical as the NanoLumens LED displays are to the new theater’s success, a 10 Danley speaker sound system with one large subwoofer and a six-camera video system to track speakers from every angle completes the technology package.

Acuity Insurance Upgrades Town-Hall Theater Experience RESULTS
It’s not unusual for a first-time visitor to the auditorium to feel awestruck when they walk through the doors. Acuity uses the theaters for their town halls, board meetings, staff meetings, and corporate events. They use it to show off new logos and marketing content to employees, so everyone understands the direction of the company. Everyone seated in the auditorium can see the vibrant displays from any angle.

The entire company has been energized about the direction of the company as well as being in the brand new space. The end result has been a huge success.

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