Adidas Golf Wows Customers with Lift & Compare Experience


Shikatani Lacroix delivered simple, immersive and interactive experiences that allow natural browsing of adidas Golf footwear without touch screens or complex interfaces. The adidas Lift & Compare experience used digital screens above shoes that, when lifted, trigger specific comparison content. The experience is implemented across Canada.

Nominating Company: Shikatani Lacroix Design, Toronto, Ontario
Venue: adidas Golf, Woodbridge, Ontario
Project: The adidas Lift & Compare experience
Category: Retail

The objective was to provide a unique retail display that would stand out on the shelf and that could live in adidas retail locations, Golf Pro Shops and reseller locations like Golf Town and SportChek. The displays needed to clearly communicate the innovation and technology behind adidas Golf footwear while creating an opportunity to increase brand affinity and heighten sales.

Shikatani Lacroix developed a digital experience strategy by outlining the future vision of adidas Golf shoe displays and elevating merchandise communication to create a distinctive and engaging brand experience, enabling desirable target sales. Unique digital displays give consumers the ability to lift a shoe and view product information or lift multiple shoes to compare them side-by-side.

Interactive digital signage provided stronger shelf presence that enhances retail shopping for golf apparel. The rich animated content and detailed product information helped adidas Golf shoes stand out on shelves, immersing customers in an interactive adidas brand experience.

adidas Golf was looking for new approaches to attract customers by providing opportunities to be educated about their products without relying on store staff to maintain or demo the experiences. The budgets where tight, and technology had to be cost effective.

adidas Golf recognized the role digital could play in building greater brand equity but required strategic and design expertise to implement it in a method that was reliable and engaging.

Our design team had to ensure that its developed work would translate into unique, consistent branded experiences across the adidas re-seller network while providing a remote and managed turnkey solution that would be hands-off for store staff and be highly cost effective.

Shikatani Lacroix considered all aspects and designed a minimalistic adidas fixture display with Internet connectivity to be controlled remotely, leveraging low-cost light sensors to trigger a content mix that was easily updated seamlessly across several different re-seller locations.

Shikatani Lacroix worked with display technology and software solution leaders to deliver digital displays that would inspire golf players to purchase adidas Golf footwear. Customers now have the ability to better understand and compare products. When a shoe is lifted, a light sensor is triggered launching the shoe’s specifications on an LCD screen as well as highlighting pro golfers who wear the adidas product. When two shoes are lifted, a split screen comparison launches allowing customers to see the differences between the pairs.

The interactive digital retail displays allow customers to get information without staff assistance. The displays include four shoes from the adidas Boost footwear line but can be changed, provisional on adidas’s current promotions. The newly designed shelf space provides a personalized, golf-themed retail experience that gives adidas Golf a method for showcasing their innovation while simultaneously differentiating their Golf footwear from competing golf footwear displays.

The shelving displays provide customers an opportunity to compare four different footwear categories. The adidas Lift & Compare campaign has been successfully implemented in eight locations across Canada since April 2014. Since the launch, average sales on adidas Golf footwear increased by 30 percent. The campaign effectively fosters brand loyalty from golfers by influencing their shopping behavior.

Shikatani Lacroix assisted in gaining golf players’ attention, creating an appropriate association between high-quality products and the adidas brand. Positive feedback has been received due to less staff dependency, and year-to-year sales are expected to exceed target sales with the cleverly designed shelf units. The objective was for adidas Golf to stand out from other golf retailer brands and in adidas’ own stores where golf competes for shelf space with its other sports apparel and equipment. With the strategic digital displays Shikatani Lacroix created, adidas Golf has the perfect platform to showcase its quality products.

Shikatani Lacroix was nominated for a DSE 2016 APEX Award in the Retail category. Project partners include Dot2Dot Communications (Scala Software, Hardware & Custom Scripting).

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