Adomni and IBOUSA Bring Innovation and Boosted Revenue to IBO Associates


LAS VEGAS, Sept. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ Adomni, an open online platform to find and buy digital out-of-home advertising, announced today a partnership with IBOUSA that enables its billboard owner associates to seamlessly list and sell their unsold DOOH inventory on Adomni’s marketplace. For the first time, advertisers can perform searches by location, find matching IBOUSA member digital billboard inventory, and launch campaigns – 100 percent transacted online.

“Adomni and the IBO have a shared mission − to help billboard operators of all sizes succeed by taking advantage of the latest technologies and trends,” says Adomni CEO Jonathan Gudai. “We are thrilled to connect IBOUSA associates to our rapidly growing online marketplace, 1,700+ advertiser base, and innovative DOOH planning and buying tools. As more of the OOH buying world moves to transacting online, IBOUSA associates are now positioned well to meet the growing needs of advertisers and agencies.”

With the new partnership, IBOUSA makes the Adomni online marketplace available to all its digital billboard associates connected to its workflow solutions. Through a streamlined process, participating billboard operators connect their inventory to the IBO COOP Platform, which connects to IBOUSA’s exclusive Adomni portal at With just a few clicks, advertisers can find their locations; view traffic counts, ad content sizes and pricing; and purchase ad space.

“Within a very short period of time, we have been able to forge the Adomni interactions with our Apparatix cloud workflow solutions that our operators use to manage their daily activities,” says Chris Cowlbeck, IBOUSA general manager. “We’ve been working on combining the efforts of our network of over 150 companies with inventory all across the country for over a decade, and now seeing the fruits of those efforts to allow buyers to easily find our suburban, rural and metro locations.”

About Adomni

Adomni is a self-service online platform that makes digital advertising easy, fast and affordable for everyone. Advertisers of all sizes and budgets can launch campaigns in minutes, using one of the fastest growing DOOH networks in the world. In 2018, over 20,000 digital screens are available to purchase and place ads across the U.S., Canada and Australia.

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IBOUSA is a networking group of companies that have a common interest of promoting all things of importance to independent billboard owners. We bring together some brilliant minds and cutting-edge technologies and services in our industry in some fun and engaging ways. Billboard operators, vendors, consultants, agencies and advertisers enjoy the fruits of our collective efforts, and we have forged wonderful friendships over the years.

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