Ads – High-Impact – Sticky Fly-in

Digital Signage Connection (DSC) introduces high-impact banners to provide unforgettable messaging options for your brand. Dominant ad positions and limited availability ensure your message gets through to our exclusive audience. With 70/30 viewership desktop/device, we have you covered with ad sizes for all environments. Ad positions are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Sticky Fly-In
(Limit 3 Advertisers)
Image of DSC sticky fly-in ad
Motion and stickiness makes this ad position doubly effective as it flies in from the left and sticks to the side as visitors scroll down interior pages. The flexible format supports static image or HTML ads on desktop; static image ads on tablet and mobile. Ads run 1/24 (one time per unique visitor, per platform in a 24-hour period).
Ad Sizes:
300 x 250 Desktop
200 x 200 Tablet and Mobile

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