AdSemble Unveils Open Display, the World’s first-ever DOOH Self Serve Platform Complete with a “Set Your Own Ad Spend Budget” Functionality


SAN JOSE, CA – MARCH 28, 2017AdSemble, the largest online marketplace for digital out of home (DOOH) advertising, today announced its new offering Open Display, a first of its kind self-serve platform that helps small businesses harness the power, reach, and scale of high definition digital billboards nationwide. By providing the flexibility to “choose a market and date range, set a budget and upload an ad,” Open Display makes advertising on digital billboards more affordable for small businesses to instantly advertise to hundreds of thousands of people.

AdSemble Open Display speaks to the growing demand within the DOOH industry. According to recent reports, OOH advertising budgets are projected to continue increasing in the years ahead:

“Today’s launch reflects our strategic view that bringing scaled digital out of home advertising solutions to the SMB market is essential in helping them drive the right outcomes.  By making high impact DOOH advertising accessible in a fully automated manner, we can help SMBs create authentic, compelling advertising that was previously unattainable,” says Matthew J. Olivieri, Founder and CEO, AdSemble.

The process to use AdSemble Open Display is seamless and straightforward:

  1. Create a Free account on AdSemble Open Display
  2. Set a weekly budget spend and region you’d like to see your ad displayed. The more you budget each week, the more digital billboards your ad will appear on and the more impressions you will receive. For example, a $500 weekly spend budget will account for approximately 75K+ impressions.
  3. Upload creative that has the following specs: 1188 pixel width x 648 pixel height; 72 dpi; JPG.
  4. Finally, the Open Display proprietary algorithm will automatically serve your ad to most optimal digital billboard locations within your region, budget and desired date range and  will inform you of all the digital billboard locations where your ad is appearing.

After the campaign goes live, the advertiser can run a Digital Billboard Performance Report that shows where the ad appeared including photographic proof as well as the total number of actual impressions the billboard delivered.

At launch, AdSemble Open Display is available within the San Francisco Bay Area with plans to expand the platform to other major markets in the U.S., as the company anticipates greater demand for this nationwide with DOOH becoming an integral component of a “360” digital advertising strategy.  

About AdSemble

AdSemble is the largest online marketplace for digital out of home (DOOH) advertisers. AdSemble allows both Advertiser and Digital Out of Home network operators to meet in the open market for the purpose of researching, buying, and selling advertising space at the local, regional, and national level. With Open Display, AdSemble is the first online marketplace to allow SMB’s to “name their own price” for any digital out of home screen.  AdSemble is trusted by brands like the San Jose Earthquakes, Intel, Sanmina, TechCrunch, Dice and Synopsys.  Founded in 2008 by CEO Matthew J. Olivieri, AdSemble is headquartered in Silicon Valley. For more information, visit or follow on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Instagram.

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