Advanced Expertly Handles a Curveball with a Dazzling Display Installation for Logistics Firm Lobby


TORONTO, CANADA, August 15, 2018  — Every systems integration firm would like to think that the plans for an installation neatly align with the reality of the physical site. Alas, this is not always the case, as Advanced, North America’s leading AV integrator, recently learned when they took on the challenge of conceptualizing, designing, and installing a curved 4×7 panel LCD Christie videowall in the lobby of a leading U.S. logistics firm.

“When a large U.S. logistics firm called on our team to install a new videowall that would track and showcase delivery routes alongside promotional content, we didn’t quite anticipate how unique the space would be and how many challenges it would pose,” said Advanced President David Weatherhead. “The curve of this lobby wall was one of the biggest challenges we’ve faced to date — but ultimately, we were able to deliver for the client and make it work.”

As it turned out, the steepness of the lobby’s curved wall far exceeded what was anticipated, challenging the Advanced team to quickly and effectively come up with a work-around to the problem that would still meet the customer’s vision for the lobby.

“Since detailed plans were not initially available to indicate the steep curvature of the wall and no mount manufacturer would support this tight of a curve, we custom built a structure that would handle the radius of the wall and ensure that the monitors could easily slide in and out of the wall for servicing,” explained Director of Project Implementation, Systems Integration Scott Wouters.

The panels almost float in each individual space, thanks to a set of custom adaptor plates that were fabricated for each facet of the curve for both the top and bottom rows. “We built a custom solution for the space that allows for the display to seamlessly adapt to the curve, while also enabling us to access it if need be,” Wouters added.

Advanced used Christie Digital Extreme Series LCD panels in portrait orientation for the curved lobby videowall with a bezel width of 1.7mm. Narrow bezel width was of particular importance for the lobby videowall, since it created an impressive, near-seamless viewing experience and a lasting first impression on visitors.

Once the major challenge was tackled in the lobby, Advanced installed a less challenging 3×3 panel, 3.5mm bezel LCD Christie display on the firm’s 4th floor executive area. Advanced also installed ten media players to control the content distributed to two videowalls, which both track shipments and showcase promotional content.

Once the Advanced team completed installation, the client was thrilled that they were able to make their dreams a reality. “There were some hurdles to get over, but we were able to deliver, and the client is delighted with the results,” Weatherhead concluded. “Our team has the ability to think under pressure, and develop solutions that tackle real world installation problems.”

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