Advanced Kiosks Alerts & Notifications Reduces Self-Service Tech Overhead


CONCORD, N.H. April 16, 2019 — As a leader in self-service technology innovation and integration, Advanced Kiosks is constantly developing new tools to help interactive kiosk users save time and money. The engineering firm recently released a video to raise awareness of its ZAMOK Alerts & Notifications software feature. Alerts & Notifications can easily be set up to send staff texts or emails alerting them to a variety of issues, from network connectivity problems to a printer being out of paper. It significantly reduces the time and effort required to remotely maintain a fleet of interactive kiosks.

ZAMOK Kiosk Software’s new Alerts & Notifications is a user-friendly, intuitive interface. With just a few clicks, it can be customized to send the most effective type of notification to the right team member(s). The automated system is as granular as a company needs it to be. Power outage alerts can be sent to facilities maintenance people, while network problems can be routed to a network administrator. If a kiosk printer simply needs new paper or toner, an email can be sent to the support staff in closest proximity to that machine.

For smaller shops, an immediate text message to the one and only IT manager may be all that is required to get most technical issues addressed. But for larger operations, Alerts & Notifications integrates seamlessly into the greater IT environment’s standard protocols. ZAMOK can automatically generate email to a help desk account, triggering a support ticket that ensures the problem is routed correctly, tracked and resolved in accordance with established procedures.

Advanced Kiosks software developers created Alerts & Notifications to minimize downtime and lower the overhead, both time and money, necessary for clients to maintain their self-service kiosk fleet. Once the feature is configured, one person can monitor double the kiosks in half the time, regardless of physical location. There is no longer any need for IT staff to run routine rounds checking on equipment.

“This is an efficient, elegant solution to your IT department’s everyday headaches. No more technicians driving an hour to find a kiosk out of paper, emergency trips to the office supply store. ‘Did I bring my company credit card?’” Software Project Manager Clif Boyd riffs. “It sounds like a comedy of errors, but it’s actually an expensive logistical nightmare. Alerts & Notifications solves all those problems; all you have to do is take five minutes to set it up.”

To learn more about ZAMOK Alerts & Notifications, watch the new video, visit Zamok Kiosk Software, or contact the Advanced Kiosks Technical Sales Team at (866) 783-3791.

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