Advanced Video Technology and Interactive Content Reinvent Marriott Hotel Fitness Center Experience


Goal:  Reinvent the hotel fitness center into an inviting, flexible modern space that allows guests to engage in fitness classes and programs that fit individual needs and schedules, while maximizing cost-effectiveness, as well as using updated facilities as a selling point to attract guests.

Solution: Marriott Hotels turned to long-time technology partner LG Electronics to provide visually stunning digital signage displays to transform dated gyms into modern workout centers that excite and engage today’s fitness-oriented travelers. Paired with Fitness on Demand’s massive catalog of virtual fitness classes, the LG displays were daisy-chained together to create a fully immersive workout experience. Guests are able to enjoy an interactive, high-energy workout whether they’re in a group setting or during a “solo” fitness session.

Results: Marriott Hotels now offers an immersive and engaging fitness center experience with LG video wall displays that are creatively placed within the fitness centers and that incorporate third-party content from Fitness on Demand to gym-going guests with highly customizable workout solutions, utilizing LG’s display of cutting-edge technology.

LG Electronics Marriott Fitness On DemandThe Challenge: As technology evolves, people’s demands on hotel experiences change. Marriott Hotels was challenged to enhance its fitness offerings to meet the new needs of travelers who were looking for more flexible solutions to their workouts on the road. Existing fitness centers, due to limited and aging equipment  as well as the spaces themselves, were often aesthetically uninspiring. Guests were often forced to bring their own connected devices, such as iPads and laptops, to studio spaces to stream content.

Leveraging LG display technology to address this challenge, Marriott Hotels implemented a 3×3 video wall of 47-inch LG display panels and LG soundbars in its downtown Charlotte, North Carolina property’s newly renovated fitness center. By marrying state-of-the-art video, flexible space and sound technology and compelling third-party content, Marriott is breathing new life into the hotel fitness experience.

“By pairing Fitness on Demand’s expansive catalogue of popular workouts and LG’s cutting edge display and audio technology, Marriott is taking the lead to provide gym-going guests with an elevated health club experience,” says Kenneth Ryan, Vice President of Global Spa Operations at Marriott International.

Variety Is the Spice of Life

In a traditional hotel environment, the guest experience is often hindered by dated equipment in uninspiring gyms. Fitness on Demand, paired with advanced display technology like LG’s video walls, brings a variety of challenging, interactive workout experiences to the fitness center by offering 1,600 classes (including on-trend workouts such as Zumba, Beachbody, Jillian Michaels and others), all with LG’s amazing slim-bezeled video displays, providing “a truly immersive experience for guests,” Ryan explains.

Cost-Effective Sweat Sessions

There is no cost to guests for any of the on demand services, providing extra incentive to use the facilities. The addition of “solo spaces” within the fitness center allows for “bite-sized”  1- to 15- minute workouts, rather than participating in a 30, 45 or 60-minute class.

To ensure that the design aesthetic remains consistent throughout participating Marriott hotels, a “design guide” will be distributed to provide hotel staff with a standardized yet customizable approach for the appearance of finished fitness spaces, which also will help cut design costs.

Guest Engagement and Enjoyment

Feedback has been extremely positive with guests at the Charlotte property who have compared the new fitness center experience to an “elevated health club” workout. Marriott Hotel employees at participating locations go through a half-day of training in order to best teach guests how to operate the fitness experience by themselves thereby ensuring an enjoyable gym-going experience.

“LG’s immersive TV displays and high-end audio components bring Fitness on Demand’s content to life in a really exciting way,” says Garrett Marshall, Vice President of Fitness on Demand. “We’re thrilled to be working with Marriott and LG to revolutionize the fitness experience for hotel guests, and make them feel like they’re right in the room with their fitness instructor, whether in a group or solo setting.

Enhanced Experience That’s Here to Stay

The Charlotte Marriott City Center’s revamped fitness center opened to guests in early 2016, and has already experienced a flood of positive results in guest foot traffic and overall feedback.

“We can’t wait to install more LG video walls across more Marriott Hotel locations in the United States and enrich the health and wellness of more travelers,” says Ryan. “Fitness on Demand and LG are helping Marriott to set the new standard for hotel fitness facilities and reshape the gym experience in hotels and beyond.”

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