AirDroid Business Announces Release of Kiosk Mode to Support Android Digital Kiosks


AirDroid Business, an innovator of enterprise mobile device management (MDM) today announced the addition of a 'kiosk mode' function to their AirDroid Business MDM solution.

New kiosk mode enables businesses to enhance customer experience, cut costs and streamline the operation and maintenance of remote digital Android kiosks

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 5, 2019 AirDroid Business, an innovator of enterprise mobile device management (MDM) today announced the addition of a ‘kiosk mode’ function to their AirDroid Business MDM solution. The new feature enables users to turn any Android mobile device into a kiosk and manage it remotely, with the ability to maintain and customize software deployment through the cloud-based AirDroid Business admin control center.

“We developed kiosk mode in response to a strong demand for the capabilities to remotely manage kiosk devices within the already well-equipped AirDroid Business suite,” says Anson Shiong, CEO of Sand Studio, the developers of AirDroid Business. “Our customers wanted a feature that would enable them to remotely manage their kiosks, from locking devices for a specific function, customizing device interface, to monitoring kiosk status, all without having to physically visit the kiosks or incur the cost of sending out a technician.”

With the increasing costs of establishing and running a digital kiosk business ranging from $6,000 to $30,0001, AirDroid Business’ Kiosk mode is set to shift the view business owners have on digital kiosks as a viable investment for their business, as well as reducing the running and maintenance costs for businesses that already utilize digital kiosks at part of their business operations.

“We’ve worked on removing the need for businesses to invest large amounts of capital to integrate digital kiosks, like ad signage, interactive ordering kiosks and information stations, into their business operations. Now, AirDroid Business users have the ability to turn any Android mobile device, like a tablet, within their network into a digital kiosk or billboard,” says Shiong.

With applications ranging from self-service kiosks and digital ad signage, to internet and information kiosks, the AirDroid Business Kiosk mode enables users to remotely manage their kiosks with capabilities for complete branding customization, device access settings, password protection so devices can’t be tampered with, and app whitelisting, where only whitelisted apps are visible on the app. Not only do businesses get the customization they need for better user experience, but also improved security for peace of mind.

“The AirDroid Business’s ability to create multiple configuration profiles enable businesses to freely tailor their setup for each unique scenario. For electronic retailers who want to showcase their headphones, for example, are able to only display designated music apps, which not only reduces distraction and increases focus on the product at hand, but enables a streamlined, unified and predefined experience for customers,” adds Shiong.

These features are in addition to the already robust offerings of AirDroid Business, which include an integrated application management system, full desktop remote control of Android devices, two-way bulk remote file transfer, remote screen mirroring, surveillance, update deployment and remote maintenance capabilities.

Key features of AirDroid Business Kiosk Mode

  • Custom Branding: enables administrators to customize a device’s operating interface and lock screen appearance, enabling a consistent branding experience for customers. Kiosk mode also offers users the ability to create and switch between custom brand profiles, enabling administrators to offer multiple modes for different scenarios.
  • Application Whitelist: Enables administrators to add apps to a whitelist. Only apps on the whitelist are displayed when the device is in Kiosk mode.
  • Device Configuration: Administrators are able to define which device functions are accessible by staff or visitors, including: Wi-Fi and cellular network, display brightness, volume, orientation and more.
  • Device Management: Provides a bird’s-eye view of which devices are in Kiosk mode, and toggle them on or off when required.
  • Password Protection: Protects the deployed device from unauthorized access.


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As a pioneer in mobile device management since 2011, AirDroid has been a flagship product of Sand Studio, who is dedicated to creating innovative personal and enterprise mobile device management solutions specifically for Android devices. With over 50 million downloads, AirDroid has become popular among individuals and businesses looking for easy ways to remotely manage their Android devices. Leveraging its innovation serving individual users, AirDroid extends to its enterprise customers an easy-to-use mobile device management solution that fuses strategic and tactical smarts, delivering business vibrancy to each and every business owner and IT professional managing Android devices on various remote sites.

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