AirDroid Business Infographic Reveals that Android Mobile Device is Transforming how Businesses Operate


New decade offers opportunities for businesses; data from AirDroid Business highlights benefits of MDM solutions for companies of all sizes

AirDroid infographic

As the new decade approaches, the infographic highlights the opportunities and benefits Mobile Device Management offers for companies in various industries that rely on Android devices.

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 13, 2020 — AirDroid Business, a Mobile Device Management solution company for small and medium-sized businesses, today released a new infographic titled “Android is Empowering More Businesses”. As the new decade approaches, the infographic highlights the opportunities and benefits Mobile Device Management offers for companies in various industries that rely on Android devices. The infographic can be found at

The Infographic is divided into sections:

  • Market Share Forecast
  • Android Users
  • Mobile Device Management
  • MDM Solution Features
  • Mobile Device Management Industries
  • Mobile Devices at Work
  • POS System
  • Kiosk Mode

This infographic provides viewers with information and uses for Android phones and tablets within businesses. According to Frost & Sullivan, using portable devices for work tasks saves employees 58 minutes per day while increasing productivity levels by 34%.  Mobile Device Management solutions allows administrators to manage these devices in bulk, monitor online status and perform routine maintenance and software updates. With over 2.5 billion monthly active users, Android smartphone market share is expected to increase in the United States by 53.4% by 2019.

Mobile Device Management solutions are used across a variety of industries ranging from education, gaming and entertainment, transportation, manufacturing and retail. With MDM, business owners can control and manage Android smartphones, tablets, point-of-sale systems, kiosks, digital signage and more. MDM’s ability to manage mobile Point-of-Sale (mPOS) system is especially useful considering that 44% of all stores use mobile POS to ring up customers.

AirDroid Business, the creator of the infographic, is an efficient and fast management solution for both attended and unattended Android devices that helps businesses, service providers or IT professionals to remotely manage a large fleet of devices using the AirDroid Business Admin Console. Their MDM solution includes various features that improve the overall efficiency and productivity of a business such as monitoring and deploying devices in batch, sending and receiving files, accessing devices remotely for troubleshooting and maintenance purposes, and many more.

The digital signage and kiosk feature is one of the most effective and budget-friendly ways to display advertising content and is especially useful for small to medium businesses that don’t have the budget to install and maintain the infrastructure for digital advertisements. Kiosk mode is a function that can turn any Android device into digital ad-signage or kiosk station at a fraction of the cost. Once a device or multiple devices are added into the AirDroid Business network, administrators can use the AirDroid Business two-way file transfer function to transfer assets to the Android devices grouped as ad-signage. The kiosk mode feature can lock-down these devices with customized appearance and layout, resulting in a consistent branding experience.

With more people discovering the power of mobile device management solutions and with the rise of Android usage, AirDroid Business is a solution that enables seamless management between the administrator and the storefront. To learn more about AirDroid Business, visit their website: or sign up here for a 14-day free trial.

About Sand Studio

As a pioneer in mobile device management with AirDroid being its flagship product since 2011, Sand Studio is dedicated to creating innovative solutions specifically for Android device management. With over 50 million downloads, AirDroid has been the most popular among individuals looking for easy ways to remotely manage their Android devices. Leveraging its innovation serving individual users, AirDroid Business extends the advanced technology to its enterprise customers. AirDroid Business is an easy-to-use mobile device management solution for businesses of all kinds, which fuses strategic and tactical smarts, delivering vibrancy to every business owner and IT professional managing Android devices on various remote sites.


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