Alfa Romeo Connected Showroom Revamps Dealership Experience


When Alfa Romeo was re-introduced into the North American automotive market in 2014, the brand was challenged to compete with established competitors in the premium car segment. Alfa Romeo engaged Creative Realities (CRI) to conceptualize and bring to life an integrated and branded digital solution for dealerships that enables a premium car buying experience.

Nominating Company: Creative Realities Inc., Louisville, Kentucky
Venue: Alfa Romeo Connected Showroom, Louisville, Kentucky
Project: Alfa Romeo Connected Showroom
Category: Retail Environments

Following a review of their existing dealership environment, Alfa Romeo identified several key objectives that needed to be addressed for enhancing the customer’s in-store experience:
1. Address poor 2017 mystery shopper results for dealer facility branding and technology
2. Address the brand’s desire to align with the premium automotive segment for car buying experiences
3. Since re-launch of the brand in 2014 in North America, contribute to increase in brand equity
4. Leverage existing best-in-class sales support tools

While the vehicles themselves have garnered industry awards, the in-dealership experience was lacking elements that customers expect when shopping for a premium vehicle. Also, existing Alfa Romeo dealers had not experienced a high volume of sales since launching in 2014, so a premium but cost-effective solution was desired. Challenges included:

• Providing a premium experience for premium segment automotive shoppers that is cost effective for low sales volume dealers
• Creating a larger, impactful element that is suitable for retrofitting into existing stores and designing into new facilities
• Bringing the Alfa Romeo brand’s rich history into the showroom experience while highlighting its current product lineup
• Providing best-in-class sales support tools without burdening the dealers with the cost of development

Alfa Romeo showroom pic2

The high definition video wall in Alfa Romeo dealerships showcases customized brand content, product reveals and dealership branding in a video loop powered by CRI’s CMS platform. Sales support functionality allows dealership staff to interrupt the video playlist and mirror tablet-based content to the video wall for impactful customer presentations, right down to the VIN level. Features include dealer inventory, rich media presentations, vehicle configurators and personalized analysis of customer needs.

The brand wall uses nine 46-inch thin-bezel 4K screens from NEC, mounted on a branded architectural millwork element with premium finishes, high-gloss paneling and brushed stainless metal laminate.

The branded media wall provides dealers with a measurable solution to meet the needs of today’s premium segment of car buyers, and utilization of the integrated sales support tools has proven an increase in sales and customer satisfaction across all sizes of dealerships, according to FCA’s 2018 YTD Customer Survey scores. Content, such as segments about the rich Alfa Romeo racing history, has built credibility amongst consumers considering a purchase.

With dealership staff turnover being particularly high across the industry, the brand wall helps provide daily reinforcement of product knowledge, helps position the sales person as the expert, and shows that the dealership is technically advanced. The system allows for utilization of 20+ Alfa Romeo integrated data sources. It also provides Alfa Romeo dealers with flexible financing options to meet the needs of low volume dealers.

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