All-in-One Digital Signboard for Corporate Environments


The goal was to create a unique, versatile small form-factor digital signage system. This innovative solution would become aesthetically and functionally preferred over the Apple iPad by multiple Fortune 500 companies. The IAdea XDS-1078/1088 combines a 10-inch high-brightness touchscreen, a built-in zero-gap wall mount, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) for friendly installation, a RFID/NFC reader for personal ID, and a ruggedized version of Google Android that works perfectly with Samsung MagicINFO, Scala, and many more enterprise-grade Content Management Systems.

Nominating Company: IAdea Corporation, Taipei, Taiwan
Venue: IAdea XDS-1078/1088 All-in-One Digital Signboard, Taipei, Taiwan
Project: IAdea XDS-1078/1088 All-in-One Digital Signboard
Category: Corporate Environments

Digital signage is entering a stage where it boosts productivity and enhances experiences for everyone. It is expected to deliver relevant information at every decision point to enable better choices. This means that small screens with localized, personalized information will gain importance in a market that is currently dominated by large displays delivering generalized broadcast information. The XDS1078/1088 is created to fill the market niche.

The product is strategically positioned as the “Swiss Army Knife” for solving most deployment issues around a small display. We looked at the most prominent small displays and tablets on the market and found every reason why they could fail as a publicly deployed device. We addressed each problem by including a bright, touch-sensitive screen; an integrated, elegant and functional zero-gap wall mount that also looks great when mounted on a glass partition; a single, reliable network connection that replaces the fragile and intermittent Wi-Fi, and supplies power using the latest PoE technology.

Having the right hardware design is only the first step. Our true innovation lies deeper than what meets the eye. We sorted through millions of lines of Android source code and engineered the industry’s most robust digital signage platform by incorporating dozens of improvements over the already powerful operating system. We went further to make sure the platform was not just great, but endorsed by dozens of market-leading digital signage CMS vendors, including Samsung, Scala, Signagelive, etc. The result is a versatile device designed to impress and last.

The XDS-1078/1088 has become the fastest growing product in the history of IAdea with an announcement of a partnership with Samsung to introduce the XDS-1078/M as the replacement for its discontinued 10-inch smart signage display. Several subsequent models are planned following the record-breaking success. The XDS-1078 was also chosen by Barkaden, a contemporary sports bar located in Skien, Norway.
According to IAdea’s local distributor Scandec Systems, “IAdea’s XDS-1078 touch panel was the ideal solution for the installation because it offers the most convenient user experience with its touch-enabled display. Its Power over Ethernet (PoE) and optional near-field communication (NFC) capabilities offer the greatest flexibility for use, whatever the customer’s preference may be, and the programmable LED light bars (at both ends of the device) can be adjusted to thousands of colors for the venue to choose from, depending on the mood they are trying to create.”

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