Amcal Fights Hay Fever Season with Live Pollen Count Billboards


Amcal Pharmacy is on a mission to help alleviate the suffering hay fever causes to millions of Australians each Spring, with their latest outdoor campaign broadcasting live pollen count warnings across QMS’ digital billboards in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

The dynamic digital billboard campaign utilises Breezometer data feeds to deliver High, Moderate or Low pollen warnings depending on each location.

Kurt O’Brien, Head of Brand, Amcal, said that understanding springtime pollen counts during peak hay fever season can help the growing number of Australian sufferers to proactively manage their condition.

“There are multiple triggers for hay fever, but higher pollen counts in the air during springtime is by far the largest cause of hay fever symptoms.”

“A component of our campaign this year is the use of QMS’ premium digital billboard network to dynamically adjust the creative seen by those passing by, based on live pollen count feeds to deliver a High, Medium or Low pollen count warning,” said O’Brien.

QMS Media Chief Marketing Officer Sara Lappage said Amcal had created an intelligent out-of-home campaign that harnessed the mass reach, geo-location and dynamic flexibility that is synonymous with digital billboards.

“Working collaboratively with Amcal and Nunn Media, we have been able to deliver an intelligent campaign that reaches mass audiences with dynamic geo-targeted creative.”

“Advertisers are increasingly looking for clever ways to maximise audience reach using out-of-home and with QMS’ flexible, quality digital network supported by intelligent and dynamic data, we can ensure accurate and relevant messages are delivered to the right audience at the right time, as we have been able to achieve for Amcal.”

The Amcal pollen count campaign kicks off this week in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane exclusively across QMS’ premium digital billboard network until the end of 2019.

Client: Amcal

Media: Nunn Media

Outdoor: QMS Media


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