AmericanAirlines Arena Overhauls Legacy Signage Systems


AmericanAirlines Arena’s goals for the installation were twofold; improve its staff’s ability to manage every digital signage application in the stadium while also delivering a more streamlined, impactful fan and visitor experience. They used a combination of video walls and other screen implementations with screen-syncing capabilities to accomplish those goals.

Nominating Company: Four Winds Interactive, Denver, Colorado
Venue: AmericanAirlines Arena, Miami, Florida
Project: AmericanAirlines Arena
Category: Event Venues & Hospitality


The FWI Visual Communications platform replaced multiple legacy signage systems, bringing every public-facing screen in the arena under one flexible content management solution. This alone helped the arena improve content management efficiencies and drastically reduced the time spent deploying content. Additionally, the platform’s built-in scheduling and reporting capabilities also enable the arena to provide innovative advertising opportunities for sponsors, offering everything from screen synchronization through triggered moments of exclusivity.

AmericanAirlines Arena required a flexible solution that could be easily managed, that possessed screen syncing capabilities, that provided dynamic scheduling functionality, that had the ability to automatically trigger content and was powerful enough to deploy unique content to screens in multiple locations. In addition to those requirements, the arena wanted to improve the productivity of their content management team and reduce the time it took to update, schedule and deploy content. They also needed a solution with robust reporting tools that could provide their advertising partners with concrete metrics on campaign efficacy.

Today, the arena’s large MediaMesh installation, menu boards, directional wayfinding, exterior and interior video walls and more are all powered by the FWI platform. Additionally, each AmericanAirlines Lounge featuring Grey Goose has 60 screens, all frame-by-frame synced in order to maximize impact and create an immersive experience. One of the most unique aspects of AmericanAirlines Arena, the 34,000-square-foot outdoor XFINITY East Plaza features a 16-foot by 9-foot LED video wall and five 360-degree NanoLumens cylindrical screens that help bring the famous Miami nightlife to fans and event attendees.


The arena was already using multiple digital signage systems, incurring expenses from each provider, plus creating more work for its staff. By switching to a single content management system, the arena was able to drop its legacy providers and focus its staff’s efforts on one platform. The intuitive interface and robust customization features make it easy to manage hundreds of endpoints and deliver a variety of information to fans and event attendees. And the flexibility of FWI’s platform allows the Arena’s staff to manage screens in other locations, extending the excitement of the stadium to places like the basketball team’s retail store in the Miami International Airport.

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