ANC Enhances New Banking Environment at Premier Chase Flagship Retail Branch


ANC pic

PURCHASE, New York (December 9, 2019) – People making their way down Madison Avenue in Manhattan will find themselves drawn to the new Chase Flagship Retail Branch featuring a sprawling, custom digital media network designed and integrated by the team at ANC.

Fully visible from the street, the complex digital media system at 390 Madison features two circular rotundas – each measuring 118′ around, combining high-resolution fine pitch, transparent, curved LED technologies – within the north and south sides of the branch, blending architecture with functionality and ultimately creating an entirely new banking environment and experience.

According to Chase’s media release, “The flagship location, one of Chase’s largest and most innovative of branches, integrates the latest digital technology, amenities and design elements that will create a unique and modern space for customers and employees.”

In October 2018, ANC was selected as the strategic audiovisual consultant for the first Chase Bank Flagship Retail Branch at 390 Madison Avenue in New York City.

Working directly with the architect and construction team, ANC provided design and product recommendations that would bring the branch’s concept to life – inclusive of completing architectural drawings, engineering, MEP requirements, product procurement and installation, and selective system component redesigns to ensure the best fit for the space. Adding to this newly imagined and actualized banking experience, ANC Studios has provided enduring Chase-branded digital content for display across the media network.

All goals and deadlines were met, with the Flagship Branch at 390 Madison opening in June 2019.

“Our branches are about people, from our customers and employees to the communities they serve,” said Thasunda Brown Duckett, CEO of Chase Consumer Banking. “This branch is more than a place for banking. It’s a place to bring the community together to have money conversations that are important to our customers.”

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