APG Rentals Creates Spectacular Visual Showcase at the 2018 White House Correspondents’ Dinner


The event featured a 5 x 12 tile 2.9mm LED Hyper Pixel videowall displaying a rotation of images from the past year.

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, May 9, 2018 — The White House Correspondents’ dinner is one of the United States’ highest-profile political events of the year. With government officials and top-tier news media in attendance, and a live broadcast streaming to millions of viewers around the world, it’s absolutely imperative that all visuals showcased at the event are exciting, engaging, and crystal clear.

That’s why, this year, the event’s designers hired APG Rentals, North America’s leading distributor and sub-renter of videowalls, to design and install a temporary 5 x 12 tile 2.9 mm LED Hyper Pixel videowall in the dining hall.

“After a demonstration of our technology they were very impressed with the high-resolution Hyper Pixel display and knew it’d be the perfect solution for the event,” said APG Rentals President David Weatherhead. “After the show, we worked with them over several months to adhere to their budget to design a stunning Hyper Pixel display solution, with unique aesthetic features, to showcase photography and images from the last year.”

The Hyper Pixel solution spanned from floor to ceiling, measuring at five tiles high and twelve tiles wide. The videowall included “wings” on each end, with tiles tilting inwards, for aesthetic appeal. “The quality of the Hyper Pixel LED display makes it the ideal solution for this space,” APG Rentals Key Account Executive Tim Hatch commented. “It provides a high brightness and color, which resonates both in person and on screen. And most importantly, it has the ability to be filmed without causing any moiré effect or degradation in quality.”

During the installation process, the APG Rentals team had to work within high-level security constraints in very little time. At the hotel where the dinner was held, the team worked around short loading times, closely coordinating access to hotel rooms and loading decks in order to install the display and test visual content ahead of the event. “Our team conducted the installation late at night to make it happen,” Hatch commented. “Fortunately, we are experts in our ability to adhere to logistical constraints and work through them to deliver the perfect solution within the desired timeframe!”

According to Weatherhead, APG Rentals is honored to have provided visuals for one of the biggest political events of the year. “To see our work broadcast in such a prestigious political environment was truly a fantastic feeling,” he said. “We look forward to working with them again next year!”

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