Armodilo Offers Customized Add-ons and One-Of-A-Kind Solutions to Help Its Clients Design Highly Engaging Digital Touch Points


Armodilo Offers Customized Add-ons and One-Of-A-Kind Solutions to Help Its Clients Design Highly Engaging Digital Touch PointsWaterloo, ON (PRWEB) November 29, 2016—Armodilo Display Solutions is helping to keep its clients at the forefront of personalized digital signage by customizing its award-winning tablet kiosks, tablet enclosures and tablet stands for a variety of initiatives and applications. Based on client requests, Armodilo modifies and enhances its existing product lines to them to provide off-the shelf solutions that clients can deploy quickly without a massive investment in custom development.

“Many of our clients require customized options and add-ons such as card readers, finger print scanners, audio jacks, custom colours and various other integration options to get the most from their secure tablet deployment programs”, states Iles Guran, Founder and Creative Director. “We work very closely with all of our clients to help them realize their tablet deployment requirements”, adds Guran.

With a wide variety of innovative, high-quality products on offer, Armodilo has developed secure tablet deployment solutions for settings including retail, education, healthcare, hospitality, tourism, trade shows, events and worship services. “The ability for us to customize our solutions to our client’s unique requirements provides them with a proven solution that functions exactly the way they want it to,” states Guran.

Since Armodilo’s launch over five years ago, they’ve added various processes and machines that allow for quick in-house design and quality modifications to their existing product lines. CNC Mills, Laser Cutters, Engravers, Routers and a full production paint line to provide a variety of customization options.

Port Management
At the request of a client, Armodilo designed a custom insert in the base of its Sphere tablet stand to incorporate client-provided USB and Ethernet port accessories. This allows for quick connection of various USB-based peripherals as well as a hardline Internet connection.

Magtek Card Readers
Armodilo offers integrated support for the Magtek iDynamo, Dynamag and upcoming eDynamo through the use of unique mountingbrackets. This allows clients to accept credit card payments or read ID cards easily, using a tablet-based kiosk paired with the appropriate software.

Custom Card Readers
In addition to our stock offered options, Armodilo has also integrated other card readers as a custom solution to meet client needs. These readers have included unique methods of connecting to the tablet such as audio port and Bluetooth. Like the MagTek readers, they also allow for transaction based interactions as well as identity verification.

Biometric Readers
When looking for secure, accurate, reliable identification methods, biometric readers lead the way. Approached by a company managing security personnel, Armodilo recently developed a solution that allowed the Biomini Slim scanner to be built directly into its housing along with the tablet. In conjunction with the client’s software, individual work sites to use Armodilo kiosks to verify the identities of outside contractors using a fingerprint database.

For Armodilo, 2016 has been an exciting year, featuring many stories of successful digital signage deployments.

Armodilo Display Solutions is a multiple award-winning tablet display manufacturer located in Ontario, Canada. With a variety of tablet display stands and accessories for trade show, event, retail and corporate markets, Armodilo sets itself apart by creating highly refined products for discerning brands around the world.


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