Armodilo Tablet Kiosks and Enclosures Help Educate Children at Helsinki City Library


Armodilo Tablet Kiosks and Enclosures Help Educate Children at Helsinki City LibraryAs digital signage and secure tablet deployments continue to grow, there are many organizations such as libraries looking to utilize technology to engage with their customer base.

The team at Helsinki City Library in Finland wanted to offer a similar digital service to children as well. The ideal solution would not only replace aging gaming PCs, it would be filled with educational apps, be friendly and secure at the same time.

“For children, a device that’s always on and intuitively accessible via touch screen seemed perfect compared to a clunky PC” says Tomi Pervala, IT Systems Engineer.

When Helsinki City Library confirmed they would offer tablets filled with educational apps, their team turned to Armodilo Spheres for tablet security, functionality and ease of use.

“Personally I fell in love with the Sphere design instantly, it was easily the best looking stand I’ve seen and the shape and color options made it perfect for the children’s department” says Pervala.

Once the Sphere was selected as part of Helsinki City Library’s complete solution, the Armodilo team made customizations including: power and volume accessibility and custom branding to all the Helsinki City Library Spheres.

Each tablet enclosure sees approximately 40 children interacting with it each day, providing approximately 390,000 unique interactions throughout the year. With 27 Spheres already helping educate that many children at the Helsinki City Library, Pervala and his team plan to deploy additional units in 2017.

About the Helsinki City Library

Helsinki City Library is the biggest public library in Finland. With 37 branch libraries, 2 mobile libraries and over 500 librarians, it serves over 1,000,000 residents in the Helsinki region. The libraries are a popular meeting place, and many events and happenings are arranged daily for every age group. Helsinki City Library features a comprehensive range of books, audio books, magazines, games, movies and music. This selection is further complemented by the e-library, which features e-books, e-movies and e-magazines. Learn more about Helsinki’s tablet enclosure project.

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About Armodilo Display Solutions

Armodilo Display Solutions is a multiple award-winning tablet display manufacturer located in Ontario, Canada. With a variety of tablet display stands and accessories for trade show, event, retail and corporate markets, Armodilo sets itself apart by creating highly refined products for discerning brands around the world.

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