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What is the most representative way to measure the impact of a digital signage deployment?”

When measuring the impact of a digital signage campaign, there are myriad things that are important. On the front end, it’s a priority to clearly define internal goals for what is to be achieved and to make sure the relevant staff members are in agreement with those goals. Goals may include the promotion of ticket sales, branding enhance, or some other initiative. Project measurement should reflect the goal(s) accordingly. After determining goals for the campaign – the focus should be the creation of meaningful, attention-grabbing content to use in the space.

One of the measuring sticks that I use for our digital campaigns is to determine if our own employees are talking about it. As an example, many times we will have people within our organization comment about seeing the sign on their way to work that promotes our team and the next home game. We find it possible to gauge overall sentiment by some of the comments they make regarding the content of the sign.

Another way we measure success is through social media resources. We push out the campaign within our own network resources, ‘be on the lookout for Blue Jackets signs around Columbus’ ‘tweet your message to #CBJ and you may see it on one of the signs in Cbus!’  We also monitor the overall chatter on social media about the content of the signs to see what is the public is saying about the signs to know whether we need to make any adjustments.

Talking through the goals of our campaign in the beginning helped dictate where we selected the various signage locations. When we produce a message about Blue Jackets Season Tickets, we want to make sure that it is seen in the areas around Central Ohio where the majority of our season ticket holders reside. The goal is to target potential ‘look-a-like’ customers in key locations.

We make sure to keep a consistent message running across all our digital signage for each campaign.  That includes the update of fonts to ensure they are current , the use of taglines, etc.  This effort is an extension of our overall marketing campaign and should be consistent with everything else we are doing in the market.


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