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What is the most representative way to measure the impact of a digital signage deployment?”

The most representative way to measure the impact of a digital signage deployment is by using a survey/research team to conduct qualitative and  quantitative study of how people react to the experience(s). Such research should include observing guest/customer behavior as well as conversations with said guests or customers.

  • Passive observation of how people react (or interact) at different times of the day or week and at multiple locations if possible.
  • Guest/customer surveys. Ask questions in the moment after they have finished with the experience. Get feedback.

This provides sample statistics of how many people saw (or used), along with perceptions of how well they liked it, and will also allow for comments or suggestions. Factor in any existing data about the location of the signage including number of people, dwell time, demographics, etc. Watch to see if any of the behaviors changed. If the messaging directs people to go somewhere or do something new, follow through and see if the audience reacted to these prompts. If you are promoting a product, check to see if there was an increase in sales.

The aspects of the survey should reflect what exactly you are trying to measure whether it is placement of the experience, type of display, type of interactive or the message/content itself. Surveys offer a ‘snapshot’ of behavior. If the message is then updated or changed based on this feedback, allow time and budget to perform follow-up surveys!

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