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What is the most representative way to measure the impact of a digital signage deployment?”

For our system, we are looking at how we can provide positive results for our franchise owners.  Short term, we are measuring direct sales impact by way of increases in check and movement of product mix. Looking at what tactics and messages drove a reaction by the customer. We look at these figures week over week as compared to a control set of restaurants without the digital solution.

From a longer view, we are building out a ROI model over a three-to-five-year period to measure the total cost of ownership to the franchisee and the return we can see at the restaurant level and for the overall system.

Lastly, we are gathering qualitative data to further understand how the systems impact the restaurant environment. Owners are part of a franchisee advisory panel and are asked to convey what they are seeing and hearing in restaurant from their customers. They also provide feedback regarding their own opinions of the program, the usability of the tools and impact they believe it has on their restaurant. Customer feedback is captured via menu testing and research to learn how the content impacts their opinions of the brand and their store visit.

By combining these several sets of data, we are learning how and where we can continue to optimize and improve the product while developing an ongoing value story that we can use to champion the program throughout the system. 

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