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What is the most representative way to measure the impact of a digital signage deployment?”

Deployment of digital signage is important for everyone.  Once installed and operating, the most representative way to measure the impact of the deployment is based on the design of the system.  Wayfinding is different than advertising or informational or interactive.  First (and hopefully done prior to implementation) is to understand the usage for the sign(s) and the impact expected.  We all talk about impressions, views and impact, but what does it all mean?  With us, digital signage is usually informational; room designators, wayfinding, directional and such.  Since we have only one sign that is dedicated to “advertising”, pricing and response is based on views. Marketing reviews have indicated that a percentage of passersby will read and attend the events or buy the products. But how is it verified?  Based on my research, we have impressions (a blanket count of vehicles per hour or day that potentially views the sign) or via client surveys at our events.  A percentage do read the sign and attend.  My biggest response and out-cry is when the sign goes down.  Oh do I hear about it!  Like everything else, take it away and see what happens.. For me, the biggest representative way to measure is by response. How many people come up to me and say, “Wow you have a lot of events or I didn’t know you did that.”  I ask about where they saw the list, i.e. through social media or media outlets, and they tell me it was digital signage.  I never received responses like this in the past.  It may not be the most technical response, but my gut feeling usually doesn’t let me down.  

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