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Of the successful projects you’ve worked on, which is your favorite, and what steps led to making it a success?”

I tend to look very favorably on our most recent projects. As Insteo’s team continues to grow, we are able to tackle larger and more complex projects with ease. Our projects have a tendency to involve collaboration with multiple partner agencies and integrators, so communication among all of the parties is a common denominator for success. We just completed this type of project involving very complex software coding and programming to bring real-time interactivity to New York’s Time Square on New Year’s Eve 2016.

Insteo handled all of the data workflow and HTML5 programming to bring live content to one of the largest digital billboards in the world throughout the evening on New Year’s Eve, which allowed everyone from tourists, celebrities and regular New Yorkers to participate. Working together with numerous agencies required a ton of excellent communication and testing. That’s what made this project such a success—the partnership and teamwork, especially the lead creative agency. 

Sometimes, we’re stuck about what we can and can’t discuss in detail because of all of these partnerships, which is the case here. We’re very proud of our work on this project delivering real-time data-driven content to the heart of one of the largest parties on the planet, and we know that the excellent collaboration, communication and project management coming from very professional and devoted people brought about a very successful project.

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