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Of the successful projects you’ve worked on, which is your favorite, and what steps led to making it a success?”

Lately, we have been developing a real-time platform for DOOH, and have done the initial tests with a select client in December of 2016. The first stage of building the platform has been to prove that we can actually determine crowds in front of any given DOOH panel in the USA, and serve ads accordingly to this real-time crowd data, and the test done in December showed we were able to do that. We increased targeting on the test by 93.4 percent and will take these results into the next phase.

The platform is essentially emulating a lot of the same metrics used in online and search. Next phase will encompass that our clients don’t do an initial buy, but task us to deliver a number of targeted impressions in their bespoke desired audiences, and our platform will then deliver these impressions by the use of real-time data and dynamic ad serving.

The model is disruptive and moves our industry closer to the digital strategies we see across clients, and this will be our gateway to truly become part of these strategies, since we now are able to deliver impressions based on a lot of the same metrics.

The reason that this platform is turning out to be successful is a combination of great partnerships with vendors in the market, huge amounts of trust from our clients and rigorous and thorough vetting of all the moving parts involved.

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