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Of the successful projects you’ve worked on, which is your favorite, and what steps led to making it a success?”

Of the projects we’ve been fortunate enough to work on, the most obvious favorite for our team was to build and release our Interactive Digital Wallboard for exam rooms in hospitals and doctors’ offices across the country.

This project presented a few ‘firsts’ for us: the first truly interactive content, the first product intended for a dual audience (patients and physicians) and the first product that we fully manufactured ourselves.

We started the process by rethinking our approach to audience communication, developing this product from the ground up. We were driven by feedback we’ve received from our locations that a more active approach to engaging our audience was necessary.

Next, we had to source new hardware technology, since we were not as familiar with touch/interactive technology at the time. This took quite a bit of research, international travel and trial and error to get right. At the same time, my team was solving immensely interesting problems around content development to support this new form factor. The hardest part of my involvement here was that we were developing interactive content, but couldn’t test it since our new devices didn’t yet exist.

Lastly, we began marketing this new product to our current installation base as an add-on, to gauge interest. The interest in this new offering was tremendous because we built it by listening to our install base before building it. To date, it has been our most successful product/network launch in our company’s history. While this is still a new area for us, we feel confident that we’ve taken the steps to not just innovate in our space, but also build a lasting interactive signage platform that will drive our mission forward.

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