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How do you maintain your digital signage network’s security?”

The most important aspect of testing a digital signage system is to engage all of the critical teams needed. For a large company with multiple locations, this would include team leaders from human resources, facilities, information technology and operations.

Strategy set

The first step is to outline the objectives and parameters of how an emergency alert program would work on the organization’s digital signage system.  When would it be used? For what kind of emergencies would it be used? Who would initiate its use? Who controls the messaging? Digital signage managers should work with the involved parties to outline a strategy, and then send it to leaders at all the sites being considered. Get input and approval before releasing the final plan.

Templates created

The next step is to work with a communication team to create messaging and graphic templates for the kinds of emergencies that digital signage could support. This might include severe weather alerts (tornedoes, hurricanes, snow and sleet storms), wildfires, or anticipated power outages (rolling blackouts). Digital systems would typically not be used for emergencies with no warning, such as an active shooter on the premises.

Communication with leadership and teams

The final, approved templates should then be provided to all involved leaders and teams, and filed for potential use. The office where the digital system is deployed and managed should keep the templates handy.

Test, test, test

It is helpful to run a drill of an emergency to ensure that everyone knows their role, who to contact to engage the digital emergency messaging and how to edit the templates for the specifics of the issue. Practice messaging could be posted, with the note that it is part of a drill.

Remind occasionally

Digital signage managers should regularly remind the outlying teams that the system can and should be used in this manner. The templates should be refreshed and updated.

Digital signage messages can be captivating, attention-getting and immediate. They become a highly valuable aspect of emergency communication if used in a strategic, planned and organized fashion.


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