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How do you maintain your digital signage network’s security?”

Security is a major concern for all businesses these days.  Lamar, like many Out-of-Home companies, has the added pressure of its digital displays being seen by the masses 24/7/365. A security breach on a website is one thing, but having a digital billboard breached is a much bigger issue. First and foremost, Lamar employs a full-time Director of Communication/Services who is responsible for Internet security. Some of the steps we have taken are as follows: 

  • Passwords – Lamar uses a lengthy custom password that is unique to each display. There are no default passwords. Employees assign responsibility for sectors of the digital display inventory. In the event that an employee leaves Lamar, the passwords on the displays in their sector are changed 
  • White Listing – Lamar has restricted the number of IP addresses that can access each display. These are restricted to select Lamar personnel and the digital display manufacturer.  Even the local Lamar markets cannot access the display’s operating systems.
  • Isolation – Each digital display is isolated from any other display as well as from the Lamar HQ hub. In the event of a security breach, the trespasser cannot “rummage through” the display inventory.
  • Physical Security – The physical displays are typically locked and secured. However, each display is also equipped with sensors to detect unauthorized access to the digital display. When these sensors are tripped, the image schedule is disabled and alerts are sent to the supporting Network Operating Centers.
  • Web Cameras – Each display has a webcam to detect image changes. Sign diagnostics also help in this area. 
  • Customer-Provided Content – As you know, using Internet data to drive a digital display’s images is getting more popular. All images must be approved by a Lamar staff member or third-party approval service before the images can be displayed. These services are designed to screen any data pulled from a customer feed such as twitter or Facebook. Any image that is rejected is sent to the local Lamar office for review.

We feel Lamar has taken good measures to protect against a content breach from an unauthorized party. However, Internet security is a constantly changing area that must be frequently reviewed.

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