ASK THE BOARD: Audience Metrics

What are the most important audience metrics and why?
This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board

Read the Answer by Kenneth Brinkman

“In my opinion, the industry has lacked rich data sets that provide a close geo location proximity for years. Mobile carrier data in itself is a powerful data set, but it lacks the depth and usability of social and digital data.”
SVP, group Director of DOOH – Posterscope USA

Read the Answer by Christina Radigan

“Digital signage and network audience data can be broken down into two fundamental segments, Quantified and Qualified.”
Director, Marketing & Communications
Outdoor Media Group

Read the Answer by Peter Rivera

“If there was a way for companies to directly measure brand commitment right from a wearable that measures pulse rates every time a customer sees a logo, it would be at the top of this list.”
VP, Chief Experience Officer – Infusion

Read the Answer by Rick Robinson

“This goes back to the “Why?” of the media strategy, and with OOH Media, there’s an endless buffet of “How” and “What” options ranging from those that deliver Ego to Impact to Impressions to Engagement.”
Partner/Chief Operating Officer – Billups

Read the Answer by Paolo Tosolini

“Imagine something for a moment. Let’s compare signage and viewers to strangers who are trying to have a conversation. In traditional signage, one of the parties will talk, and the hope is that the message might have an influence on the other person.”
CEO – Tosolini Productions

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