Ask the Board – August 1, 2016 | ADRIAN WEIDMANN


How could the digital signage industry be greener than it already is?

The display manufacturers have been touting the lower consumption of power and heat generated by the new display technologies. While this is certainly true, perhaps these same manufacturers could move beyond the self-serving marketing pitch and offer recycling programs for older displays and electronics. It is one thing to tout the merits of the new and improved in the name of being ‘green,’ but what happens to the ‘old’ screens? Landfills are what happens. Only the manufacturers know the real numbers, but globally deployed screens used for digital signage applications over the past 10 years are somewhere around seven or eight million. Where do they all go when they are replaced or retired? History matters. Perhaps the manufacturers of these screens, along with the mounting manufacturers who incidentally have proffered the most from digital signage over the years, should take a more responsible position? It would be valued by all of us.


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