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How could the digital signage industry be greener than it already is?

The largest opportunity for the digital signage industry to be “more green” is electronics recycling when small temporary LCDs in retail are “trashed. These electronics are small screens embedded (and usually not networked) in a retail display to provide product information and demonstration. They get pitched because the cost of recovering them is more than the unit cost, so after a three-month campaign (sometimes longer), they get tossed.  I call this industry “disposable digital signage.”   I think there should be a mandatory recycling program for these types of displays.

For traditional large-format displays that are permanent and networked, one still needs to consider what happens at the “end of life” of these displays.  Since the industry is really quite new, we haven’t worried about this much yet, but it is still a concern and we should have a mandatory recycling program here as well (with fines if not disposed of properly). The same goes for media players and other electronic components that are commonplace today.

Now, truth be told, I don’t know what happens to these devices when they ARE returned to an authorized electronics recycling center.  But if we can make an effort for the first step, we’ll at least be better than we were yesterday. 

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