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How could the digital signage industry be greener than it already is?

Hardware – While the initial costs of LED displays may cost more than LCD, the total cost of operation over a 10-year life cycle will be less due to several factors. One major cost savings factor is LED displays require significantly less power than LCD displays.

For example, comparing a 46-inch 3×4 Video Wall Brand S LCD Power Consumption cost at 24/7/365 700Nit Brightness ($1,376). 

–  or –

A Brand N 6mm LED Power Consumption cost at 24/7/365 700Nit Brightness  ($321).

– or –

A Brand N 2.5mm LED Power Consumption cost at 24/7/365 700Nit Brightness   ($558).

– or –

A Brand N 2.5mm LED Power Consumption cost at 24/7/365 1200Nit Brightness ($956).

Operational savings of more than $1,000 per year with similar brightness and with almost 60 percent more brightness, the savings is still over $400 annually.

Software – Cycle off display during non-viewing hours. Consumer- and employee-facing monitors can be set to display only during normal operational hours of the store or office. This can be accomplished by putting the player and/or monitor into sleep mode based upon a day timer function. However, with the advent of IoT (Internet of Things) enabled devices, content can be displayed only when a viewer is present. Think of this the next time you’re visiting the big box hardware store looking at the latest power tool package as the relatively small monitor at this display begins to extol the virtues of the interchangeable battery pack or some other feature….

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