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What are some of the biggest misconceptions surrounding digital signage implementation and integration?”

Misconception: We need to solely focus on the deployment project, not on the content. When considering deployment of a digital signage solution, the business should carefully consider where its current staff and resources can bring the most value, and where they cannot. No one knows your customers, employees and desired business outcomes as well as you do, so focus existing resources on the messaging and content; and contract the design, deployment and configuration to a partner that has experience in those areas.

Misconception: We need to hire new staff, identify internal resources and invest in a lot of training. The need to identify internal resources to help support digital signage can often lead to additional complications. Since digital signage support touches many groups within the business, it’s easy for business units like facilities, IT, HR and marketing to all want to get involved in all the details. Harnessing existing resources may seem like a good idea, but now you need project management and more meetings to coordinate everyone and sort through all the input. Collaboration is good, but “design by committee” can have its drawbacks as well. Focusing internal stakeholders on their specific areas of expertise will reduce the time and complication of design and deployment.

In addition, keeping the content “fresh” can also seem like a full-time job, but there are a number of ways to automate content updates from external sources as well as from the business’ existing systems. Many CMS solutions allow for data exchange with your current IT infrastructure, so updating company announcements and employee updates can be fully automated. These systems can also auto-populate popular social media feeds and mentions from the likes of Twitter and LinkedIn. There are also third-party content providers that offer services to automate, filter and tailor external information to your audience.

Misconception: We need a big capital outlay upfront. With returns on your digital signage investment coming from multiple sources and often difficult to immediately quantify, significant upfront procurement and deployment costs can be challenging for the business to justify. Some integrators offer “Digital Signage as a Service” that can help spread costs out over time, reduce the number of disparate services and simplify monitoring, management and content contracts into a single monthly opex payment.

Misconception: Were in for a long and complicated solution-vetting process. Options and providers abound in the digital signage space, and it can be a daunting task to talk though the variety of solutions for CMS,  hardware players, display manufacturers and content providers. However, selecting an experienced systems integrator that knows the industry well can quickly narrow the options down to a few targeted providers who are best suited for your needs. 

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