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What are some of the biggest misconceptions surrounding digital signage implementation and integration?”

While there are lots of experience and technology considerations that go into a successful interactive execution (like orientation, size, resolution, responsiveness, UX affordances, and so on), one of the biggest faux pas is when people treat an interactive screen just as they would any other digital sign. I see so many experiences use their “attract mode” as a marketing tool, running ad after ad rather than communicating the experience that awaits them if they engage with the interactive display. Time and again, we’ve seen metrics drop drastically as a result of this. Other behavioral studies we’ve conducted show that audiences get “stage fright” in public experiences (a fear of failing in front of other observers), and in many cases, it’s because they don’t know what to expect of the experience presented to them. One way to overcome if you have a stubborn client is to use proximity sensors to trigger a break from the attract mode ads and invite the audience to interact using clear messaging. You will also find more success if your attract video demonstrates the experience in action so as to increase the intuitiveness when the audience begins to interact.

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