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What are some of the biggest misconceptions surrounding digital signage implementation and integration?”

Two of the more common misconceptions surrounding digital signage are: 1) The right technology will ensure success; 2) The majority of content can be created up-front at the time of launch.

The right technology will ensure success:

For about a decade now, I have heard “Content is King.” It makes its way onto podiums at conferences and is often noted in industry articles. Despite this often-quoted expression, I don’t see a lot of evidence that the industry really believes it. There is still a disproportionate amount of focus on technology, especially displays. The consumer side of our brain seems to be fixated on comparing numbers: resolution, pixels, brightness, etc. Good technology is absolutely essential to a successful digital signage implementation, but even the best technology cannot make up for poor content.

The majority of content can be created up-front at the time of launch:

As our customers consider a digital signage implementation, they often ask two questions: “How much will the technology cost me?” and “How much content do we need to start?” We would hope that there would be a third question: “What should our ongoing content strategy and budget be?” Making a decision to launch a digital signage implementation is essentially entering into a new media, which requires ongoing content maintenance and refreshment. In fact, a year of content updates may cost more than the initially launch content, so it is an important consideration.


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