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What are some of the biggest misconceptions surrounding digital signage implementation and integration?”

One of the big misconceptions surrounding digital signage implementation and integration is that the project or initiative is simply an integration project – hang a screen on the wall, attach a player and walk away.  Integrators should be holistic in their approach and revolve around day two services such as support, service and operational management. Keeping those elements in mind will help integrators design systems and specify hardware/software components that meet the needs of a client for several years.  Content strategy, budget and tactics, along with ongoing monitoring will take the straight-forward yet crucial integration work and turn it into something special and sustaining.

Another misconception is how you measure the success of a project. Delivering on time and on budget are highly valued metrics for the integrator, but they do not prove the worth of the system to the point where a client will want to expand the network. Measuring success based on strategic goals for the project as a whole will determine future growth and revenue for everyone. I often remind people that digital signage systems are put in for one reason and one reason only – to play back content reliably. The reason to hang screens on the wall and network components together is to broadcast campaigns and messages to patrons and guests. The up-front discovery of the client’s goals, audience and emotional impact are all key to the long-term success. And that is often not considered by integrators who are asked to bring digital into their environments.  Installing a digital signage network these days is considered to be a necessary cost of doing business, but it’s very easy for it to fail if the road to success is not defined.    

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