Ask the Board – August 15, 2016 | BRYAN MESZAROS


What are some effective ways to future-proof your content?

It’s hard to develop a singular piece of content that needs to remain relevant without some type of dynamic data attribute. Content developers often overlook the ability to “template” their designs, which allows for certain elements to be dynamically altered. This is quite common within QSR and transportation, but given the complexity of systems in retail, it is also appropriate. We have retail clients that struggle to generate a sufficient budget that would accommodate frequent changes so it comes back to us to creatively “stretch the dollar” when in development.  

Future-proofing content is about being smart in knowing what information you intend to deliver and understanding how often it would need to change. The contextual elements are what matters most in determining the content’s shelf life if it is written and structured in a way that remains relevant to the viewer. The best advice is to think through your message and understand whether or not you would generate the same response if unchanged 60 or 90 days from now.


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