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What are some effective ways to future-proof your content?

Introducing evergreen content is one of the most effective ways to future-proof your content. When we create evergreen content, we generally want it to have a minimum shelf life of a year, but it can easily be relevant for two or three years. We also want to keep in mind that this content generally will not promote, sell or have a call to action, but will play a supporting role in an overall playlist. The content must also fit the look and feel of the overall network.

When planning evergreen content, start by reviewing your current communications and pull out messaging that does not change month by month. This will include your company tagline and core customer promises, of which you may have several. Each of these elements can be turned into a short animated spot, which can be interspersed between promotional messaging.

In addition to taglines and promises, you also want to animate your company logos. In the case of a retailer, this will include your main brand logo, but should also include sub-brands, such as private brand logos. Each of these logos can be brought to life and used as bumpers playing at the front or back of a promotional spot.

The last area to consider for evergreen content is creating seasonal spots. As the name implies, these spots can promote the arrival of a season, but also the celebration of a holiday. As with all evergreen content, these spots must be compliant with your overall brand guidelines.

By investing in these types of evergreen content, you can lower your overall annual content spend in addition to decreasing the fatigue that your viewers may feel with constant promotional messaging.



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