Ask the Board – August 15, 2016 | PAT HELLBERG


What are some effective ways to future-proof your content?

 Two things:  

  1. If your organization produces other content, i.e., marketing/sales/product information that appears in other platforms, make sure you change the digital signage content when you change the content in the other platforms.  In other words, when you refresh your print ads, use the same material to refresh your digital signage content.  When you refresh your digital content, use the same material to refresh your digital signage content. Align the messaging on all of your platforms.  Integrated marketing works.   
  2.  If you don’t produce content for other platforms, take some time to create a long-term programming strategy specifically focused on digital signage. Think about the purpose of the digital signage program … WHY does it exist? Then, create a game plan to create and refresh content over the long haul, that supports that purpose. This requires work and effort but it pays off.  Without a programming strategy, you won’t realize returns on the investment you made in hardware, software and connectivity. Put simply, without a programming plan, you just threw a lot of money away.

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