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What are some effective ways to future-proof your content?

You can’t “future-proof” content.

All content has a subjective shelf life. I say “subjective” because it is important to establish that we’re talking about best practices when answering this question.

Messages should be optimized, fonts/colors/effects should follow design trends and consideration needs to be made for the rate of return for your audience.

There will of course be content items that never really need to be updated like a safety alert message telling someone to evacuate the building or a documentary adjoined to a museum exhibit. But for most networks, you have to plan on a content budget that continually creates new content like clockwork. It should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyways. If you never want to update your content/message, you should just print a sign.

Here is my practical tip to get a lot of life out of your content: Power your playlist and content pieces with dynamic data. Sure, this could be content from Screenfeed but there are other forms of dynamic data such as a menu board, sales numbers, customer feedback, warehouse inventories, directories and the like. This type of content is “future-proof” to the degree that all you may want to adjust in the future is the layout or design. The audience is getting fresh content, but everything is automated.

In summary, create a content budget that plans to update the content based on the objective of the network and the return rate of your audience. When possible, automate your content by leveraging data to keep things fresh.

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