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What was the biggest takeaway from Digital Signage Expo 2017 that you’ve been able to use or implement in the months since the show?”

Every year, developments in display technology grow in leaps and bounds. This is most evident not only in the various configurations we see displays set up in today but also in viewer engagement.

At DSE 2017, displays came in all shapes and sizes.  Hi-bright outdoor displays, translucent displays and mirrored displays, but the technology that resonated with me the most was augmented reality and proximity awareness technology.

All of these new display technologies and the advances they’ve made were on display this year at The DSE for everyone to see. Some of these developments’ are higher NITs, more durable and energy efficient enclosures with more attention to ease of access for repairs and troubleshooting of outdoor displays. These were on display at the GDS booth. Translucent displays projecting higher contrast and more detailed images while filtering out more light were available to view at the GWS Design and Solutions kiosk. Mirrored displays look better than ever, incorporating OLED technology for clearer more detailed video. Some of this technology was on display at the Samsung booth. But what really impressed me was the increase in augmented reality and proximity aware technology. Proximity awareness, coupled with augmented reality, makes for a completely different visual experience. Engaging the viewer is a prime directive when it comes to digital displays, and these new technologies do just that. Forcing the viewer to participate in the viewing experience means longer dwell times and offers the market unlimited message delivering opportunities. Additionally, this technology can be transferred to personal use as well. Sophatar’s booth had some interesting displays using proximity awareness coupled with your smartphone to enhance shopping experiences. Ad-Reality had great examples of augmented reality. Graphic animations superimposed in real-time over existing video were displayed on portrait configured monitors interacting with live viewers making for exciting customer engagement. This technology can be coupled with your smartphone to post videos and images to social networks as well.  Imagine the publicity opportunities!

So while DSE 2017, like other DSE events before it, showcased the most advanced display technology and its peripherals, what impressed me the most were the interactive and augmented reality displays and the potential they represent.


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