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What was the biggest takeaway from Digital Signage Expo 2017 that you’ve been able to use or implement in the months since the show?”

This year was my third year attending DSE. While the show once again exceeded my expectations, my top takeaways came from experiencing the show alongside three first-time attendees. Hearing what captured their attention, what got their wheels turning and what they learned impacted me more than anything else that week. Here’s a look at what my co-worker shared after the show:

Of the content-focused sessions that I attended at DSE 2017, one of the biggest takeaways from each of the speakers was to use digital signage to create an experience for users by knowing and understanding the audience. In a signage system, there’s often an option to have different playlists that can hit different audiences. In our own system, we can target different audiences (clinical vs. non-clinical, main campus vs. off-site), but there is also a global option, where no differentiation happens based on audience. Everyone gets the same message.

What I took away from DSE is that it is my responsibility to communicate to content contributors, or “creative scouts” as one speaker put it, the ability to differentiate the message based on playlist. Instead of taking the easy route of putting it all on global and “hoping it sticks,” I’m asking more questions to the content contributor (and to myself). “Who needs to see this message?” “How can we change the copy or image to better resonate with this audience?” “What is the top takeaway, and who needs it to better do their job?”

In one of the final sessions I attended, the speaker showed a process flow around digital signage as “Planning > Pilot > Growth > Optimization.” And while we are still growing our system, in 2017, I’m seeking to optimize our system by getting the right message to the right audience using the right playlist.



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