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What was the biggest takeaway from Digital Signage Expo 2017 that you’ve been able to use or implement in the months since the show?”

The biggest takeaway from DSE 2017 for me came from a seminar I attended. It wasn’t the topic, but it was an underlying theme throughout. What I noticed was an extreme amount of detail taken, in all aspects of the project, to ensure a successful re-launch of that particular airport’s digital signage network. Everything from software to hardware was changed, and with that change, it involved a large number of stakeholders, all of whom were taken into account, and given the ability to provide feedback and input during development and testing to ensure that no one could say they were forgotten or that their voice was not heard.  The method in how they involved people impressed me greatly, and how they formulated a plan to ensure each potential pain point was captured and won over.   

While we all like to think we involve everyone, the level of care that was taken was far and beyond what I personally have done, and I will be sure to consider that more in my future projects. I found it to be a great point for lessons learned on how to manage any project for it to be truly successful and have everyone buy in to the process.  


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