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What are the criteria for picking a CMS amongst the myriad of options out there?

Choosing a CMS system is one of the most important decisions you will make for a digital signage implementation.  As for how to choose a CMS, there are many pieces of criteria.  For our review of CMS systems we looked at platform, scalability and features.

Nowadays, platform seems to not be as important as a lot of vendors are building their playback software on a multitude of platforms as well as straight web playback capabilities.  We focused on the ability to have our playback devices run on the Mac OS and thus a CMS that supported that. From a scalability perspective, this becomes dependent on how big or small you think your network will be. First establish whether your network will be very basic or if it will have thousands of end points.  From a feature set, establish what your plan is for digital signage.  Will you be pushing full screen images or will the network zone off regions and pull feeds from external systems. These are all items that you should research thoroughly with your technical and marketing teams as you gather requirements for a specific implementation. None of the CMS systems are 100-percent perfect, and they all have their niche of features and functions that you need to weed through.  One final thought that I think could be the most important part of the selection is to find a good partner.  You may find a software system that does 90 percent of what you need, but the partner may not meet your vision vs. a partner that may only meet 75 percent of your needs but is totally committed to get you the last 25 percent.  Relationships, in my opinion, make a bigger difference than  most of the other criteria.

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