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What are the criteria for picking a CMS amongst the myriad of options out there?

I suspect that the reason there are a myriad of CMS options is that there is a myriad of criteria. The following is a brief checklist to help identify the requirements your CMS will have to support:

  1. Will the solution be hosted on your own network or accessed through the cloud?
  2. How many endpoints and content streams do you expect to manage?
  3. How much and what types of data integration will you need to do?  Is the data integration tool included?
  4. Do you need to use triggers and sensors?  How easy is it to integrate those with the CMS?
  5. Does the CMS vendor understand your vertical?
  6. Will you collect ad-based revenue or need reporting to show playback statistics?
  7. How many content managers will there be, and what tools will they need to use?
  8. What is the expertise of the people who will be creating and managing content?  Are the CMS tools intuitive and easy enough for them to use?
  9. Does the CMS have its own integrated content design interface, or is content created in third party applications and published through the CMS?
  10. What is the support model if you need help or have questions?
  11. If you already have some deployed digital signage, is the CMS software compatible with the deployed hardware?
  12. What is the cost of the minimum player hardware recommended to work with the player software?
  13. Do you need an approval workflow, and does the CMS approval system work with your email and network systems?
  14. Does the CMS have the player monitoring you’ll need?
  15. Does the CMS have the reporting capability you’ll need?
  16. How fully is HTML5 integrated with the CMS?
  17. Are all new software releases included in the maintenance fee?
  18. If mapping and wayfinding are important to your application, how easy is it to implement in the CMS?
  19. If interactivity is important to your application, how easy is it to implement in the CMS?
  20. If you’ll use social media in your digital signage, are the data adapters available, and do they add cost?

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