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What are the criteria for picking a CMS amongst the myriad of options out there?

We are currently looking at options for an updated CMS system. Our current system is a great playback solution that works great for live events and synchronous playback, but the problem is that our network has grown at a very fast pace, and now, we have locations around the world with many different formats and schedules.

What I am looking for in a CMS is as follows:
1.    Enterprise Solution
     a. This includes LDAP integration so users can use their Corporate Active Directory Login to connect to the system
b.     Roles and Permissions per user
c.    User activity log
d.    Bandwidth limiting
e.    Network Management
i.    Interface that shows health of player, if a player does not report in or reports a failure an email is sent out to responsible parties
ii.    Can select what Playlist is on a specific player from the network management tool
f.    Proof of Play, Playback reporting on what content was played back
2.    Content Management
a.    Smart Playlist
i.    Ability to have a folder that content is loaded into by the marketing department
ii.    Uses Metadata from content to playback at the specific dates and locations that it should play
b.     Synchronous playback so you can have multiple displays playing content from multiple outputs of on or multiple Players and content will be perfectly timed.
3.     Interactive Content
a.     Ability to create interactive content within the design tool included with the CMS system.
i.     Can loop content and with an over lay button, once a button is touch it takes you to a destination such as a look book or directory of the location.
4.     Players
a.    Looking at a CMS that will work with as many devices as possible, even if you are starting with just one piece of equipment being able to use multiple platforms may help in the future due to form factor and such.
b.    The players that I am looking into using are:
i.     Apple Computers
ii.    PC’s
iii.    Google Chrome Players, Inexpensive players and small form factor
iv.    iPads
v.    SSP Player, Samsung’s Built in Screen Player

This is a pretty big challenge. All of the CMS manufacturers will tell you that they can do everything, so your best bet is to do trials on all the systems that you can before you make a decision.

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