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What are the criteria for picking a CMS amongst the myriad of options out there?

When selecting Content Management Software (CMS), key criteria includes the user experience and flexibility related to programming and data source input.  An intuitive user experience is a must in an environment that requires frequent content updates. The interface should be one that users can be easily trained on, so even those who seldom access the core software can feel comfortable with and serve as a back up to managing the screens. Equally important is selecting a CMS that provides flexibility in programming and source content. Day-parting programming, or selecting specific dates and times for programming to run, is a critical element when planning out content programming and the selected software should be able to support these functions.  Also, content can come from a variety of sources.  The CMS must be able to handle a variety of images and source files (for example: .avi, .mp4, .mov, .jpg, etc.) as well as other sources like databases, social sites and directly from websites. Focusing on these elements will help when selecting a CMS from the variety of options available.


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