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What are some of the best ways to make use of facial recognition?

We have tested different facial recognition technologies, and I’ve seen some great campaigns using them.  As this technology continues to get more accurate, I can see emotions being the biggest use case in the OOH space. The ability to trigger creative messaging based on consumer moods, facial expressions, etc., will create more interaction with the consumer and brand. I always say no one wakes up in the morning and looks forward to seeing advertising, it just happens.  If done correctly and subtlety, the advertiser isn’t even aware they are attracted and engaged with the ad. Facial recognition allows this. In our space at Lamar Advertising, we have little inventory that is street level, so we have focused on technology that works on large-format OOH.

We recently launched a successful campaign with “vehicular recognition” technology with Chevy Malibu and Posterscope.  By integrating vehicle recognition technology into this campaign, we are able to deliver personalized content to drivers of competitive vehicles, increasing the likelihood that messages will be noticed and remembered. It’s the first time this type of technology is being used in the U.S., but only the latest example of how we are leveraging technology to deliver impactful results through OOH campaigns. The vehicle recognition technology is embedded within a pole-mounted camera alongside the highway. As a vehicle approaches, the camera hones in on the grille and is able to identify the make and model of the vehicle. If it is a competitor to the Malibu, the driver of that car sees a customized message generated just for them on a digital billboard about 1,000 feet down the road. The camera does not collect license plate information or driver imagery, and all data is deleted as soon as the customized message is delivered on the billboard. As a media owner, we are constantly looking for innovative new ways to utilize technology and out-of-home, helping advertisers talk to consumers with relevant creative. Using Lamar’s digital network and vehicle recognition technology, we were able to help Posterscope deliver a personalized one-to-one message to Chevrolet’s target audience.


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