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What are the criteria for picking a CMS amongst the myriad of options out there?

Selecting a CMS for your digital signage network can be a bit challenging when you are not sure what features you will need. Proper planning and brainstorming is crucial to getting your list of requirements right the first time. Assemble a group in your organization to aid in the brainstorming process. Your group should be diverse. Include those that will interact with the system directly as well as those that will interact indirectly. Your collaboration efforts should garner you a host of ideas and perspectives that you may not have developed within your own department.


Now, with this list of requirements, your team should prioritize the features that are crucial to the business versus those that are nice to have. Some of these features may include an emergency broadcast system, long-format ad insertions, etc. Should you decide to use your system as a way to communicate emergencies to your staff, be sure you are well informed on the federal guidelines when using your system as an EBS.

Beyond 18 Months

While it’s important to focus on the immediate needs, you should keep one eye on future expansion. You may find yourself wanting your CMS system to have a dashboard feature where you can see how well the network is running. With the proper upfront planning, you’ll quickly realize that your foundational infrastructure will save you time and potentially money when you look to expand your network and the management system.

You can never go wrong with focused planning. The more you ask the question “What do I want the digital signage network to do,” the easier it will be to select a CMS to manage it.


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